Interior Design

ARCLINE DÉCOR offers comprehensive consultation on decorative issues, we customize the layout, color scheme, furniture, lighting, and all other accessories required. We provide illustrations of ideas and suggestions that include CAD drawings, images, sketches, and plans with full details of prices, discounts, suppliers, and a site visit schedule.

arcline interior
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Project Management

ARCLINE DÉCOR keeps the project on track, with procurement, budget management, and site supervision. We deliver projects on time with highest quality and efficiency. We are always on site overseeing and managing workers, trades people, and resources to ensure full commitment to the plan and the schedule of work.

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Turnkey Solutions

ARCLINE DÉCOR’s turnkey interior design solutions are projects where one contractor takes full responsibility for controlling and managing the entire interior design project from A to Z, relieving the owner from the stress of work.

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Landscape Consultancy

ARCLINE DÉCOR provides elaborate design concepts for landscapes, gardens, and green terrains. We make sure that architects’ sketches not only look amazing but are also functional, with plants staying vivid and the water features remaining operative long after project’s installation. We offer detailed drawings and specifications where all documents are coordinated, and all information is concisely illustrated.

arcline landscape project
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