Dreamy & Spa Inspired Bathroom Designs That You Simply Love

Dreaming of a peaceful retreat where you just relax and unwind in seclusion? Don’t just step into your house after a long day and think to relax in the cozy confines of your living room with a steaming cuppa. It’s a cliché now. Instead, give your bathroom the ultimate spa ambiance that is on par with that of your favorite spa. Incorporate amenities that boast striking features such as luxury fixtures, freestanding soaking tubs, and steam showers and not to mention, style and grace to exhibit!  Upgrade your bathroom to a spa-like scenario and add more value to your own relaxation quotient.

Here are a few designs you may follow to create a spa vibe in your bathroom.

Mix in nature

From ethereal sheer curtains to gleaming white floors and also porcelain tub, you are sure to fall in love with every detail of your spa-styled bathroom. However, a touch of green can create real magic. Aesthetics aside, tiny potted plants inside the bathroom are perfect elements to bring supreme relaxation to the next level- whenever you close eyes and relax in a bubble bath after a hectic day; you forget all your woes and simply feel blissful!


Simple & minimalistic yet stately!


You would not mind drifting into the cocoon of a freestanding bathtub. It is minimal as well as simple and each item inside this bathroom serves functional and stylish purposes. The folding tool that is tucked behind this tub is an apt choice to bring invariance in this white and grayscale washroom. Perhaps the most stunning thing is the brilliant use of matte cabinet in the bathroom since it makes it feel much more contemporary.

Serene bathing space with a dark tone!

While spot-free and well-maintained bathroom with chill vibe can make for the spa-inspired bathroom where you relax in any day, there is also something to be done for the one that also has avant-garde vibe. Not only it is Instagram-worthy but it also flaunts your flawless style sense in bathroom design. The dark-colored moody walls with corresponding black tiles make it apt for romance and repose. It even makes room for large geometric linens – well, who knows that these bath towels would make a big difference!


Add statement with a chandelier

If you are fortunate enough to have a high ceiling in the bathroom, take advantage of it with a large chandelier, floor to ceiling marbled tiles and other state-of-the-art architectural features. The concrete shower wall provides that luxurious edge while light flooring, white paint and also oval-shaped porcelain tub make you feel fresh and ethereal. The pink details in the bathroom rug are a fun pop of color.

Take the help of a renowned interior designer in Dubai to glam up your bathroom and lose yourself in an incredible spa-like experience. A novelty designed to enable you to pamper yourself- all because you deserve the best!