Cool Bedroom Designs of ‘70s That Are Making Comeback in Recent Times

A cozy bedroom is your private space where you can be with yourself, whether you are busy catching up on Netflix, sleeping, or doing something that you would only do alone behind the closed doors. Let’s face it-if there is one design trend that motivates you to stay relaxed while appearing stylish at the same time, it is the bohemian chic! Wrap your tired eyes around the gallery of refreshing bedroom designs that are sure to wake you up.

Wish to learn how to glam up your bedroom in bohemian style without looking overly trendy? Well, just check out the styling tips below. Get ready to make your bedroom look stunning with nature-inspired décor, looser linens as well as eclectic touches everywhere!

Stay grounded always!

Low-to-ground accessory or furniture is a true Bohemian staple. In a bedroom, it means forgoing bedframe altogether or it also means opting something that sits a little closer to the ground and does not have a high headboard and so on. While this sounds a little bit undone, it is also far from being sloppy. To keep all things chic and polished, pick up crisp painting color, install stylish light fixtures as well as stick only to a few decorative pieces such as a wooden stool, light-colored pillows to reduce clutter.

Allow it to bloom! 

Keeping plants inside a bedroom indeed is a brilliant idea and it is also essential to create ‘boho’ space! Greenery may bring in that feeling of ‘joie de vivre’ in your life literally! Plants are the best way to make your bedroom more inviting and unpretentious, which is vital for one who is trying to have a laid-back oasis. Let your bedroom feature a sophisticated geometric side table and sleek table lamp and give it an extra edge. It is a pretty juxtaposition against luxury linens as well as a coastal-inspired bedframe.


Mix up things 


Having fun and also being on your own is an integral part of the bohemian design for the bedroom. Who says you have to stick to a single color scheme or only throw one pattern? Lean for an eclectic look. Well, the key is to choose bolder decorative items as well as linens that seem to be easier to swap out whenever they look inconsistent or stale. Elongated side table and colorful rug may do best for your bedroom.

Moorish design touches


No two bedrooms of bohemian style look alike. You may find inspiration in beach design or choose something more Spanish Colonial along with midcentury touches. The inky hued bed frame matches with caramel brown touches and also pops of bold colors. Modern geometric light fixtures can add a graceful air.

Keep it rustic

Without using a ton of colors in the bedroom, only rich use of materials is sure to create an intriguing texture scape. Stunning is the floor to ceiling wooden bedframe and paneling that also separate sections of this room for extra privacy. A huge decorative wood podium helps to increase the space. To soften up the things, go for casual throw blankets and pillows.


Get eclectic

If you like the idea of letting loose and willing to create a bohemian style bedroom but you may also be drawn to more sophisticated pieces and retro-inspired décor, who says you cannot have it everything? Pick up a chic Moroccan rug and also complementary wall-hanging in order to have bohemian vibes. Add more stylish items like in-built velvet nightstand and headboard.

Loosen up the layers

Say it all: Layer, layer, then layer it with some more! If you think you have layered in adequate luxurious linens, rugs, and textiles, then also keep going. Well, the way to make sure it does not turn into anything too over the top is picking up neutral colors as well as choosing high-quality fabrics. Use cream or chocolate brown instead of the black and white palate that can appear too starkly contrasted.

Warm up the look of your bedroom with ‘70s style interiors and color your way to blissful night sleep. Hire top interior designer in Dubai to accessorize your bedroom in a bohemian way which you always dream of.