Major Color Trends that will rule the roost in 2020

As fall month is in full swing and fashion season is at its prime, we cannot help but wish to foresee what interior paint colors are going to be trending once winter’s gloom is over and the clock just strikes 2020.   It is not just about how all the colors look inside a room but how they can make you feel.  Well, gray is trending out while moodier colors are trending in—these rich and black colors enclose you as well as make you feel comfortable thereby turning your home into a blissful retreat that you always crave out for.

Apricot Orange continues to reign  

Whoever thought the millennial pink color would say goodbye to the spotlight in the coming days proves to be wrong. This eye-catching color has evolved as well as gained dosage of orange in the composition, thereby getting a little bit murkier.  One good way to make this color work well is to blend it with black, brown and white in décor and this splash of color promises to punctuate energy and dynamism in the ambiance.

Beige will make a dramatic comeback

Over the years multiple shades of gray have been slathered on the walls in style. However according to the experts, beige color is ready for a comeback. Other trends to expect include deep and bold color tones such as navy as well as hunter green, more natural wood in décor, furniture, and cabinets and also a movement towards the usage of more color as a whole.

Green is a safe bet

In wake of recent craziness for indoor plants, green color is sure to be adopted without any moderation in the form of textile, paint or other decorative accessories. Especially empire green velvet armchairs are sure to add style touch to any room. Those who want muted tones are sure to turn to sage green. Between lime green and pastel mint, neo mint green proves to be luminous. Discover diverse shades of green and bring in style and brilliance in your house.

Blue picks up

Although some said that blue has lost momentum it is evident that it is sure to be in trend in the coming year. Give depth in your room with the shaded orchid blue hues and draw your guests’ attention easily. Go for deep blue to wake you up in gloomy days without creating any conflicting thoughts. It helps to illuminate decoration and also background color just as the room accessories do on a lighter background.

Black is back!

You are far from the baroque ambiance that dominated in early 2000 but it is clear that black makes a noticeable comeback in the future. If we are being told that black is not your color, you should see its impact in any setting. Black color brings in sophisticated touch thereby highlighting gold, pastel or flashy colors. It will also be used as the main shade especially in a dining room that may be decorated in black paint with matt furniture.


We have rounded up the top color trends to look out for so as to stay ahead of the curve in the next year. Hire one of the leading interior design consultants in UAE to paint your house with trendy colors and add style quotient to it.